COLORWARS 2016 v 2017 Pati P. Photography


This year was no exception!

2F2A3283 copy2F2A3302 copy2F2A3309 copy2F2A3314 copy2F2A3328 copy2F2A3330 copy2F2A3344 copy2F2A3347 copy2F2A3358 copy2F2A3359 copy2F2A3362 copy2F2A3364 copy2F2A3366 copy2F2A3367 copy2F2A3372 copy2F2A3390 copy2F2A3425 copy2F2A3429 copy2F2A3438 copy2F2A3439 copy2F2A3441 copy2F2A3447 copy2F2A3449 copy2F2A3451 copy2F2A3473 copy2F2A3498 copy2F2A3499 copy2F2A3503 copy2F2A3510 copy2F2A3515 copy2F2A3535 copy2F2A3539 copy2F2A3565 copy2F2A3569 copy2F2A3572 copy2F2A3574 copy2F2A3589 copy2F2A3591 copy2F2A3595 copy2F2A3598 copy2F2A3618 copy2F2A3628 copy2F2A3630 copy2F2A3631 copy2F2A3639 copy2F2A3640 copy2F2A3641 copy2F2A3646 copy2F2A3649 copy2F2A3653 copy2F2A3655 copy2F2A3657 copy2F2A3665 copy2F2A3669 copy2F2A3673 copy2F2A3674 copy2F2A3683 copy2F2A3699 copy2F2A3700 copy2F2A3701 copy2F2A3707 copy2F2A3712 copy2F2A3719 copy2F2A3725 copy2F2A3727 copy2F2A3729 copy2F2A3732 copy2F2A3734 copy2F2A3741 copy2F2A3749 copy2F2A3752 copy2F2A3758 copy2F2A3759 copy2F2A3760 copy2F2A3765 copy2F2A3771 copy2F2A3772 copy2F2A3774 copy2F2A3782 copy2F2A3783 copy2F2A3784 copy2F2A3810 copy2F2A3814 copy2F2A3815 copy2F2A3817 copy2F2A3819 copy2F2A3820 copy2F2A3821 copy2F2A3823 copy2F2A3824 copy2F2A3828 copy2F2A3834 copy2F2A3835 copy2F2A3839 copy2F2A3841 copy2F2A3842 copy2F2A3844 copy2F2A3845 copy2F2A3846 copy2F2A3847 copy2F2A3850 copy2F2A3851 copy2F2A3852 copy2F2A3854 copy2F2A3855 copy2F2A3857 copy2F2A3859 copy2F2A3861 copy2F2A3866 copy2F2A3869 copy2F2A3871 copy2F2A3873 copy2F2A3876 copy2F2A3877 copy2F2A3877 copy12F2A3878 copy2F2A3879 copy2F2A3881 copy2F2A3883 copy2F2A3885 copy

Even I got doused!  Purple in honor of PRINCE… may he R.I.P.


2F2A3935 copy2F2A3938 copy2F2A3939 copy

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