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Pati P. Photography has been working with Spokesmodel influencers for years! Seniors are given an opportunity to brand rep her photography in a team setting with themed photo shoot opportunities throughout the entire senior year. It's a fun & exciting program that continues to be one of the most popular, prestigious and sought after opportunities for high school seniors, with 40+ students each year representing high schools throughout the valley. Spokesmodels also have the opportunity to model products for other companies such as Wild Sugar Company Apparel.


How Does it work?

A.Each year Pati P. Photography selects a group of high school Seniors from various high schools across the valley through an interview process to represent the Pati P. Photography Brand. Spokesmodels showcase the latest styles and trends in high school senior portraits as influencers through the use of social media platforms such as instagram, twitter, snap chat and facebook. Their images are used on the Pati P website, blog, social media platforms and promotional materials.

What Makes Our Model Program so Special?

A.Most model programs consist of the photographer calling you a spokesmodel, taking a handful of images of you, then letting you give them "referrals."

Our program is DIFFERENT!

We have promotional, themed photo shoots throughout your ENTIRE SENIOR YEAR! There is NO LIMIT to the number of photo shoots you can attend. There are no contests, not competing to get in front of the camera, only opportunities all year to promote the Pati P. Brand. We also have several annual events and parties that make us a TEAM. It is a YEAR LONG, fun and exciting adventure, NOT just a one-time photoshoot. Pati P Spokesmodel also model products for other companies, giving them brand rep experience as social media influencers.

Is there a fee to become a Spokesmodel?

A.Yes. There is an activity fee of $100 to be a Pati P Spokesmodels. It is very similar to an activity fee that one pays to play a sport, or participate in cheer or dance or any other club at their school. We do LOTS of fun different types of shoots and this fee simply covers the costs involved with promotional shoots such as paint, powder, props, balloons, fuel, travel etc. You also receive a some fun goodies as great perks when you become a spokesmodel.

Do models still get to do “their own” senior shoot?

A.Absolutely! Every Spokesmodel is a Pati P client as well. They are required to book their senior session with Pati P. Photography. Models get the benefit of PRIORITY SCHEDULING along with EXCLUSIVE MODEL PRICING DISCOUNTS for their Senior Pictures with Pati P.

When should I apply

A.As soon as possible. We receive over 100 applications every year! We are currently accepting applications for the Class of 2021. The program is open to Seniors, however, we also select a small group of Junior models each year as well! Apply early!